The Indian Institute of Astro Research was established as a training institute with the duty of providing comprehensive training preparing students for professional careers in the fields of these 6 occult sciences.

When We Started?

The Indian Institute of Astro Research was Founded in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India on 6th July 2006; Samvat 2063, Aṣādh Śukla Daśamī, Thursday in Swāti Nakshatra and Siddha yog..

The Indian Institute of Astro Research was established as a training institute with the duty of providing comprehensive training preparing students for professional careers in the fields of Astrology (Jyotiṣa) Palmistry (Hast Rekha), Vastu Śastra, Numerology (Ank Jyotiṣa), Tarot Card Reading and Graphology (Hand Writing Analysis). This institute is registered under the Astro Research Educational Foundation, which is a group of talented and knowledgeable astrologers who have dedicated much of their life to this field of study.

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More About Us

It is dedicated to the in-depth and pure study of traditional Astrology maintaining the integrity of the classical Sanskrit language and ancient textual teachings. We also include new research findings that modern astrologers are actively working on. For the learner, this institute offers vast opportunities to help others realize their potentials. We provide adequate training in the science of Astrology; which in turn, the student will be able to successfully counsel others based on life circumstances. Astrology can be a very helpful tool in attaining clarity about the direction and potential of one’s life. .

All of the classes offered are conveniently located in a single location which marks the school’s specialty in providing a comfortable experience for students who are interested to study. Its main objectives are teaching, research & promotion of astrology and to unveil our ancient occult sciences. Courses are designed in such a manner as to impart the complete knowledge in a very simple and understandable language. Our courses are unique/distinct because we offer real-life and practical exercises to which the student can personally relate. For example, in classes, we encourage students to make their own horoscopes to become more familiar with themselves and facilitate the learning process. Students are also encourages to make the charts of their family members, friends, celebrities and so on. About approximately 2,500 students have completed courses from the Astro Research Institute, out of which 500 students are professionally practicing in this field worldwide.


We taught students around the world and they are very satisfy from our teaching methods and techniques.

Students Learned

Approx 3500+ students took the benefit of these occult sciences.

Hours Course

You Can learn astrology just in 24 hours from anywhere around the world

Years of experience

We have 15 plus years experience in this field.


-To promote education in the field of Astrology, Graphology, Vastu, Palmistry, Tarot card Reading, Numerology and allied subjects and set level of competence internationally.
-To run, manage, supervise and organize education & training centers, teaching courses for Astrology and other occult sciences.
-To provide consultancy services for the human welfare.
-To create a common platform for Astrologers, Palmists, Graphologist, Tarot card readers Numerologists, Vastu Specialists and practitioners of any occult science.
-To print or publish books, magazines, newspapers, journals and other education related technical materials.
-To propagate the cause of Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Tarot card readings, Graphology and various other related subjects.
-To hold professional seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and public meetings.
-To honor and award renowned astrologers in the related fields of occultism.
-To develop an international level research center to serve occultism.
-To construct a world level observatory, specially dedicated to astrology.

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